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Zhongshan Ainuoji Thermal Energy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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The energy company is headquartered in Nuremberg on the Danube River in southern Germany, and was founded in 1927. It has developed from an original thermal energy component processing company into a well-known international thermal energy equipment manufacturing enterprise group. It has more than 20 brands, including energy World-renowned. In order to develop HVAC markets in Eastern Europe, Asia, and China, German energy Ainoki (Hong Kong) Thermal Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. makes full use of the advantages of the Hong Kong International Free Trade Port and global financial centers to introduce today's world HVAC products --- China, with its strong technical strength, has established an energy thermal energy product production base in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. Specializing in the technical development of household gas heating / bath wall-hung boilers, heat pumps, heating equipment related products, production and processing of oem and odm, and import and export of goods. energy Ainoji company has advanced wall-hung boiler complete production line and fully automatic computer testing equipment. The designed annual production capacity is 100,000 units. The products are produced in strict accordance with European standards and GB25034-2010 national standards. The thermal efficiency of the products is more than 90%. The operation is reliable, environmental protection, energy saving, stable, and gas saving. The products are sold to Europe, Asia and other countries and regions. Germany Ainoki (Hong Kong) Thermal Energy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will rely on Europe's strong technical strength to continuously create energy saving, environmental protection, gas saving, and safety for customers ... [ View details ]

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Wall - hung boilers - Gas wall - hung boilers - Germany Ainokki wall - hung boilers
Zhongshan Ainuoji Thermal Energy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Tel: 0760-22773178 Contact: Lu Haiqiang Address: Weisha Industrial Zone, Fusha, Zhongshan, Guangdong
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